Video and Graphics Cards

Graphics cards do more than simply send visual output, because they also perform complex 2D and 3D rendering. As a result, gamers and content creators alike often demand the most from their graphics and video cards. Computers used for complex visual tasks should leverage the newest card technology for speed and quality output.

Onboard memory

When selecting the right graphics card for your laptop or desktop, it’s important to consider the kinds of tasks you’ll need the machine to do. For heavy visual processing like rendering 4K video or gaming, you’ll want a graphics card with plenty of onboard memory.

Light computer use for jobs like surfing the web or word processing can be accomplished with just 4GB of graphics card RAM. For more complicated visual tasks and superior processing, consider a card with a minimum of 6GB of RAM. carries a wide range of onboard memory options, including models with up to 24GB.

Expansion ports

Graphics and video cards feature a variety of ports to connect to monitors and displays. DisplayPort and HDMI are the most common industry-standard ports, but other options are available for more specialized needs, including DVI.

Built-in cooling fans

Graphics cards that render advanced gameplay in real time or crunch high-resolution image edits can heat up quickly. Many graphics cards have built-in fans and heatsinks to keep things cool, safe, and zippy. If you plan to game or crunch high-res video, look for options with built-in cooling.

Top brands carries top graphics and video cards brands to bring you the best choices when building your computer. Choose from EVGA, Intel, MSI and more.

Video and Graphics Cards

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